Convert Apple Mail to PST (3 features will change the way you do it)

Features of a converter tool is what sets it apart from the rest of the competition. A converter tool with better features delivers better performance and better performance means better conversion process. Thus, getting the tool with better features is going to be beneficial for your conversion process. But what are the features that a converter tool should absolutely have?

Convert Apple Mail to PST (Microsoft Outlook)

When a large number of users were asked what are the features that they want in their converter tool for converting Apple Mail to PST, most have a pretty similar response. Accuracy, Safety and Ease took the first three places. So, choosing a converter tool with all these features is the way to go. This article talks about a tool that not only has the best version of these features but also something extra. Read on to find out.

Mail Extractor Pro: An All-Round Third-Party Converter Tool

The generic features of Accuracy, Speed and Ease are expected to be present in every converter tool in the market. Sadly, that’s not the case in real life. Many converter tools pushed into the market are just there for the purpose of making their firms money. They lack even the most essential features. Ending up with one of these solutions can be very harmful for your Apple Mail to PST conversion. So, you need to be aware about such conversion solutions.

On the other hand, Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software offers you more than just the generic features. The tool is supported by top experts and casual users alike. It has the best version of generic features bundled together with some rare features. All of them together allow you to convert Apple Mail to PST easily.
convert apple mail to pst

Convert Multiple Files Together Easily

One very rare and exceptional feature that the tool provides you with is known as Bulk Conversion. It allows you to convert multiple Apple Mail files to PST format in a single go. This all becomes of the algorithms that the tool supports.

They provide it with such high computational power that allows it to handle such high volumes of data easily without compromising on any other aspect of the conversion process. Thus, giving you a much more efficient process.

Retains the Folder Hierarchies from the Input Files

The tool helps you in retaining the folder hierarchies from the input files. It solves the problem of searching a simple file for hours in the messed-up structure of the output files produced.

The tools ability to maintain this folder structure also allows you to carry out any post Apple Mail to PST conversion on the go. So now you don’t need to rearrange everything again before going ahead with your operations.

Interface makes everything feel easier

Yes, the interface of the tool comes under the generic features but the interface of this one needs a special mention. Most users struggle with converting Apple Mail to PST just because of the fact that they cannot operate the tool they are using.

With everything cramped up in a single screen, the interfaces of usual converter tools are like a puzzle. They make everything hard. On the contrary, the interface of this converter tool is simple and clean. It is to the point and even provides you with a simple step by step guide to help you through with everything.

converting apple mail to pst

Grab the free trial version of the Mac Mail to PST converter tool today and get started with your conversion process.


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